Laboratory conditions/security
combination lockConditions and Security

Proper laboratory conditions and equipment are essential when conducting scientific examinations as they alone ensure full, rigorous and fair examination results. At The Giles Document Laboratory the range of examinations undertaken is both comprehensive and appropriate.

Our examinations are entirely non-destructive; unless previously agreed with the client, the documents will not be altered in any way. The Laboratory has thorough document checking-in and checking-out procedures to ensure that all documents are received, logged and returned in good order. When not under examination, the client's documents are stored in a secure safe.
Quality Management
A commitment to Quality

The Giles Document Laboratory is committed to delivering quality, value, fast turn-around times and absolute discretion. The Giles Document Laboratory operates a fully documented Quality Management System. This ensures all scientific work and preparation of reports are carried out to consistently high, rigorous and fully controlled standards.

The Giles Document Laboratory