Forensic document examination is one of the most testing areas of forensic science and is well established in British and international courts of law.

The discipline is extremely broad, involving the study of all types of document to determine authenticity, expose forgery or reveal aspects of origin and history. In addition to handwriting and signature authentication, a forensic document examiner studies inks, typewriting, impressions, printing, alterations, photocopies and the products of modern office technology - areas beyond the limited scope of so-called "handwriting expert".

Another key distinction is the forensic document examiner's use of strictly scientific methods and objective processes to outline the issues, weigh the evidence and explain the relevance and significance of the facts and conclusions.
Please note that this laboratory does not accept instructions in:

  • Criminal cases
  • Cases where any of the parties is legally aided
  • Cases where any of the parties is a Litigant in Person
  • Cases where an individual is using the Bar Standards Board's Public Access Scheme
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The Giles Document Laboratory