Dr Audrey Giles
Dr Audrey Giles B.Sc. (Hons), Ph.D., MCSFS, is a forensic scientist specialising in the scientific examination of documents and handwritings. She was formerly the Head of the Questioned Documents Section of the Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory (Scotland Yard).

With nearly forty years' experience, Dr Giles is one of the foremost authorities in her field. She leads the scientific work of the Giles Document Laboratory - the examination of handwritings and signatures, and the determination of the origin and history of documents.

The Giles Document Laboratory

The Giles Document Laboratory is an independent laboratory carrying out forensic document examination services and providing advice to the legal profession, primarily in civil litigation. It is equipped to the highest standards for Forensic Document Examination. The Laboratory has made specific investment to ensure that industry standard equipment is available for all necessary examinations, including a Video Spectral Comparator and a Raman Spectral Comparator, and electrostatic detection equipment (ESDA) for detecting impressions. The Laboratory also uses image capture software to provide demonstration material for reports and Courts. The Giles Document Laboratory operates a fully documented Quality Management System.
Training and background

Dr Giles trained in all aspects of Forensic Document Examination in the Questioned Documents Section of the Metropolitan Police Forensic Science Laboratory (MPFSL) in London, where she worked for thirteen years. In 1986 she was appointed Head of that Section responsible for the casework of twelve experienced scientists along with Quality Assurance, Training and Research. In 1989 Dr Giles left the MPFSL to set up the Giles Document Laboratory.

In 1992 Dr Giles gave evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology (Sub-committee on Forensic Science), and in 1994 participated in the development of National Vocational Qualifications in Questioned Document Examination. She was closely involved in the Working Group for the Council for Registration of Forensic Practitioners (CRFP) and was a speciality assessor between 2002 and 2009 when the Council was responsible for regulation of the industry.
Standing in the profession

Dr Giles is an active member of the leading learned organisations in the field:
She has been a member of The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences (formerly the Forensic Science Society) since 1976. In 1978, 1991 and 1998 she chaired the Forensic Science Society Questioned Document Group Meetings. She has since contributed to speciality and general meetings of the Society, and refereed papers for its Journal, "Science and Justice". She has also been a member of Gesellschaft fur Forensische Schriftuntersuchung for many years participating in meetings and in their quality assurance program.

She has been a member of the American Society of Questioned Document Examiners since 1989 and has attended meetings in the USA and Canada, contributing papers on original research and forensic science problems. She has been a member of the Editorial Review Board of the ASQDE Journal for many years.

In 1999 she was appointed Chair for the Questioned Documents discipline at the 15th Triennial Meeting of the International Association of Forensic Sciences in Los Angeles, USA.

Dr Giles has acted as an external examiner to Strathclyde University and worked closely with the manufacturers of specialist equipment used in the Questioned Document field.
Casework and Court Attendance

Dr Giles has a wide experience of presenting evidence in Court, doing so on many occasions in the Civil and Criminal courts, International Tribunals in the UK as well as in Gibraltar, Kosovo, Switzerland, Jordan, USA and The Hague. She has routinely acted as a Single Joint Expert.

The Giles Document Laboratory now specialises in providing expertise and advice to the legal profession working in the civil sector, as well as to industry and the financial sector.

The Giles Document Laboratory is fully equipped and provides an authoritative, independent forensic document examination service to clients the world over.

The Giles Document Laboratory